Santa Rosa Fire Equipment Service, Inc. -History


As a teen, Michael Reeser was introduced to the owner of Santa Rosa Fire Equipment and ended up taking a job there as a summer helper. That was in 1972 and the company had 6 employees. Today, Michael is the owner and CFO of the company, and it has 24 employees.

Michael didn't plan to stay with the company for nearly 40 years, and he certainly never thought he'd end up as the owner, but events take strange turns sometimes, and help guide our fates.

"After I had been working there for some time," said Michael, "Don Harris, the owner at that time, came back from lunch in a bad mood one day. I overheard him say, ‘for a dollar ninety-eight I'd sell this business right now!' I started thinking about the possibility of bringing it up again. Eventually I did mention that I might like to buy the company from him."

After a few weeks the owner came back and offered to sell the business to Michael and the company's bookkeeper. In 1979 they began buying the stock and even took on a third partner. Michael had gone from temporary summer help to ownership. Today, Michael's other partners have left to pursue other paths and Michael is the sole owner. Under his management, the company has grown steadily and is firmly entrenched as a part of the community.